Making comments to posts

Don’t forget your assignment over this long weekend is to go read other Oakdale Eagle reporter posts and make at least one comment (or reply) to at least one post. THUMBS UP to Jahmila B for being the first to do that.

Also you need to start thinking about an article for our next Oakdale Eagle. THUMBS UP to Avianna T for already  having and idea and a photo to go along with it.

Week of Jan 9th

We wrote about the snow. First we talked about it. Then we made a graphic organizer (5ws). We also practiced expanding on our ideas. We learned the words expand, dusk and dawn.

Then we started writing our articles. We had to do some editing and then we started posting them on our blogs.

Today is the Day


Today is the day I get to be me. Today is the day I get to be me. Today is the day I’m going to have fun. Today is the day in going to be number one. My names Ayannia Smith ,I’m not like other people. I love to have fun , but I would like to be number one. I’m having a mental makeover with positive creativity. I’m getting rid of negativity. I’m a scholar there’s a super, super leader in me!



lets talk

hey this is Aaliyah   I want to do a thing for the 4th grade teachers and the 5th grade teacher so lets try to do something for them i want to do it so please help me ok so lets talk more about this ok see you guys on my next blogg……………………………………………………………………………….


Bulling to me is that when someone say hurtful things to you that hurt your fellings trust me i got bullied so much but i work my way though it to stay strong sometimes it makes you want to cry and give like what happened to me but i tryed to stay strong so dont be a bully be a up stand trust me it hurts alot ok so try not to be a bully but sometimes you think that you are playing with them but really you are bulling someone to and some people know it is wrong but they you are small tun in to my next post dont be a bully ok . bye