Follow Ms Kent’s new blog: The Adventure Begins

Oakdale Elementary School is now a School for Global Communicators and Leaders. Ms. Kent, our teacher librarian was inspired by this theme to apply for Fulbrights/IREX Teachers for Global Classroom  (TGC) program. And she got in! She was one of 72 teachers in the US to be chosen to participate in TGC program for 2018-2019.

She worked hard in the fall with all her fellow TGC teachers in an online class that taught her all kinds of new things. She has shared lots of it with us already.

Then last month she got to go to Washington, DC to meet the TGC group  in person and learn more about where she would be going. She is going to Morocco! Ms Kent got to bring our principal, Dr. Prewitt too. Dr. Prewitt got to meet principals from all around the country that want to learn how have their schools have global classrooms.


We surprised Ms Kent yesterday with a singing sendoff on her last work day before she leaves for Morocco.

Follow her blog about all her adventures!

Christmas in Tuscaloosa

Here are 4 special things we do in Tuscaloosa to celebrate the Christmas Holidays:

  1. The Tinsel Town Trail –  Companies in our city pay to decorate Christmas trees along the River Walk to raise money for Tuscaloosa One Place.


2. Christmas Parade – We have a Christmas Parade every year. Many Oakdale students attend this.


3. Christmas On the River-    The Black Warrior River divides Tuscaloosa from Northport. Every  year boats decorate and float up and down the river at dark. Then there are fireworks!


4. The Ice Skating Rink  –  We don’t get much really cold weather here in Tuscaloosa. We very rarely have snow or hard freezes. But starting a few years ago the city set up an ice skating rink for the holidays so we can practice falling down on ice with our colder neighbors!


We hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday no matter which holiday you celebrate and  what you do to celebrate it!



A school of global communicators

Not only does our school have a whole new look thanks to extensive renovations, but we are now known as  Oakdale: A School of Global Communicators!  Our entire school is participating in developing their communications skills  and taking up their role in the world community.

As part of this school wide push our experienced reporters are playing the role of mentors to their classmates. They are charged with the mission to help anyone learn to write an article for the Oakdale Eagle by answering the 5 W’s : Who, What, Where, When and Why.

This is also the first issue developed with our new partners, a communications class at the University of Alabama. We had two great students come help our students edit their articles. Also the entire UA class is developing a new look for the Oakdale Eagle because our school is now Oakdale Elementary, a School of Global Communicators.


Getting back into blogging

My, this  has been topsy turvey year and we have had to adapt our journalism program to keep up.

We have new reporters who are just getting starting learning the ins and out of blogging, so for the next few weeks they will be posting their responses to various prompts. They will also have a chance to practice customizing the way their blog looks.

All encouraging comments will be appreciated.