Christmas in Tuscaloosa

Here are 4 special things we do in Tuscaloosa to celebrate the Christmas Holidays:

  1. The Tinsel Town Trail –  Companies in our city pay to decorate Christmas trees along the River Walk to raise money for Tuscaloosa One Place.


2. Christmas Parade – We have a Christmas Parade every year. Many Oakdale students attend this.


3. Christmas On the River-    The Black Warrior River divides Tuscaloosa from Northport. Every  year boats decorate and float up and down the river at dark. Then there are fireworks!


4. The Ice Skating Rink  –  We don’t get much really cold weather here in Tuscaloosa. We very rarely have snow or hard freezes. But starting a few years ago the city set up an ice skating rink for the holidays so we can practice falling down on ice with our colder neighbors!


We hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday no matter which holiday you celebrate and  what you do to celebrate it!



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