Lots of good work today

We got a lot done in journalism in afterschool today. Not only was there writing going on (special shout out to Jayden for his article), but there was also some real progress in peer editing.  Carliyah, Vajayla, Avi’Anna and Kelsey were putting our special editing pencils to good use.

We got our youngest reporter Te’Anna (1st grade) on her blog and we discovered that one of our reporters (Aaliyah) knows a lot more about customizing our blogs than even the teachers . Miss Spencer asked if she would teach all of us so..Next week she (Aaliyah ) is going to do a mini-workshop for us so we can all learn how to do it!

Miss Spencer and I decided that our reporters had so much talent they should teach us more.  We’ve already booked Centurion and Tristan to teach everyone about using online drawing programs two weeks from now.

What is your special talent? Do you think you can teach us?


Experiments in UA

When we went to the UA the photographic people showed us a experiment using light.First,here are the materials that you need : box, tissue paper,flashlight ,and tape those are the materials that you need.Next take the box and cut a hole in the back and square in the front.