Brainstorming for new articles

We are brainstorming ideas for our next issue of the Oakdale Eagle.

Planning for the Future       Avianna T

New places around Tuscaloosa      Daniel C.

eg Cookouts

new Starbucks

Planning for the ACT Aspire test      Janasia W

Grade switch in Music/Art                 Eddie L

New Dollar General                             Tea’nna T

New Housing                                        Zharia S

Watching Central E                             Aderrica H

Changes coming to Oakdale

New Assistant Principal                       Eddie L and Janasia W

Testing (Dibels etc.)                              Aderrica H

New Nurse                                              Vajayla

Fieldtrip to UA                                       Daniel C

Afterschool Journalism                        Zharia

5th grade to UA Basketball                  Daniel C

Student Council Nursing Home          Aderrica

5th grade Black History Wax Museum         Aderrica

Audubon grant for bird watching                 Kalasia M

Ms Kent selected Teacher of Year for TCS     Ayannia S

MLK Day                                                           Eddie L

CNP highlight: Mr McGee certified chef

4th grade slavery program                             Haven

Ms Anderson, new 3rd grade                         Eddie L

Ava Smith -intervention                                  Aderrica

new 5th grade baby for Mrs Gardner

journalism blog                                               Jahmila

5th grade field trips                                        Daniel Jayden

student council field trips                             Eddie



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