Learning to stay up on current events

This has been an eventful week for our state and our students are trying to keep up with current events by reading our local newspaper, The Tuscaloosa News when we meet in the mornings.  Miss Spencer and I (the co sponsors of the Oakdale Eagle) are encouraging our student reporters to post their own views on events that happen beyond our school community.

Hopefully  followers of our blog will see our student reporters writing more about current events.

Lots of good work today

We got a lot done in journalism in afterschool today. Not only was there writing going on (special shout out to Jayden for his article), but there was also some real progress in peer editing.  Carliyah, Vajayla, Avi’Anna and Kelsey were putting our special editing pencils to good use.

We got our youngest reporter Te’Anna (1st grade) on her blog and we discovered that one of our reporters (Aaliyah) knows a lot more about customizing our blogs than even the teachers . Miss Spencer asked if she would teach all of us so..Next week she (Aaliyah ) is going to do a mini-workshop for us so we can all learn how to do it!

Miss Spencer and I decided that our reporters had so much talent they should teach us more.  We’ve already booked Centurion and Tristan to teach everyone about using online drawing programs two weeks from now.

What is your special talent? Do you think you can teach us?


Brainstorming for new articles

We are brainstorming ideas for our next issue of the Oakdale Eagle.

Planning for the Future       Avianna T

New places around Tuscaloosa      Daniel C.

eg Cookouts

new Starbucks

Planning for the ACT Aspire test      Janasia W

Grade switch in Music/Art                 Eddie L

New Dollar General                             Tea’nna T

New Housing                                        Zharia S

Watching Central E                             Aderrica H

Changes coming to Oakdale

New Assistant Principal                       Eddie L and Janasia W

Testing (Dibels etc.)                              Aderrica H

New Nurse                                              Vajayla

Fieldtrip to UA                                       Daniel C

Afterschool Journalism                        Zharia

5th grade to UA Basketball                  Daniel C

Student Council Nursing Home          Aderrica

5th grade Black History Wax Museum         Aderrica

Audubon grant for bird watching                 Kalasia M

Ms Kent selected Teacher of Year for TCS     Ayannia S

MLK Day                                                           Eddie L

CNP highlight: Mr McGee certified chef

4th grade slavery program                             Haven

Ms Anderson, new 3rd grade                         Eddie L

Ava Smith -intervention                                  Aderrica

new 5th grade baby for Mrs Gardner

journalism blog                                               Jahmila

5th grade field trips                                        Daniel Jayden

student council field trips                             Eddie



Making comments to posts

Don’t forget your assignment over this long weekend is to go read other Oakdale Eagle reporter posts and make at least one comment (or reply) to at least one post. THUMBS UP to Jahmila B for being the first to do that.

Also you need to start thinking about an article for our next Oakdale Eagle. THUMBS UP to Avianna T for already  having and idea and a photo to go along with it.

Week of Jan 9th

We wrote about the snow. First we talked about it. Then we made a graphic organizer (5ws). We also practiced expanding on our ideas. We learned the words expand, dusk and dawn.

Then we started writing our articles. We had to do some editing and then we started posting them on our blogs.